Ben Peeters is a Belgian artist based in Hasselt.
His work is a unique mix of paintings, murals, digital and tattoo work. He is characterized by minimalism, refined details and the use of strong colors.
He is inspired by elements found in nature, often extracting and simplifying organic forms into colorful portraits and landscapes. His work is playful and triggers the imagination of the viewer with ideas of freedom and happiness, which are a recurrent thematic element in his work.
Ben Peeters explores the boundaries between fiction and reality. His art evokes a personal and imaginary world, where organic structures, landscapes, elements of plant life and abstract vivid colorful shapes meet and create a curious mixture of movement and contrast.
In his search for the essence, he deliberately simplifies his subjects so that nothing remains except the most important parts, this allowing the viewer to make his or her own associations.

2024 verticalgallery (TBA)
2024 nannygoatgallery (TBA)
2024 Ryan Joseph gallery - Endings and continuations  Group Exposition  (USA)
2024 Knowgallery -Ampersand world tour show  Group Exposition  (USA)
2024 Keepcontemporary Gallery - The new vanguard   Group Exposition (USA)
2023 Supersonicart Gallery - Creatures- Group Exposition (USA)
2023 Roots - De Zeepziederij Gallery - Solo Exposition - Bree (BE)
2023 Vapors - Museum grande halles des anciens abattoirs - Group Exposition - Mons (BE)
2022 Gramercyart Gallery -- Group Exposition Riverside CA (USA) 
2022 Bregt Vandam Gallery - Group Exposition Brussel (BE) 
2020 NovaBelgica Gallery - Solo Exposition  Sint-Truiden (BE)
2019 12 x 12 Exhibition  The Stockroom Gallery - Group Exposition Melbourne (AUS)
2019 Levels - Group Exposition Genk (BE)
2019  Entrepot - - Solo Exposition Leuven (BE) 
2018   Wood wood - Solo Exposition - Zonhoven (BE) 
2017   KVADRART Wallery Gallery- Group Exposition Stockholm (SE) 
2017   Outside inside - Group Exposition  Hasselt (BE) 
2017   Heart Gallery - Group Exposition  Hengelo (NL)
2017   Urbanity - Group Exposition  Geleen (NL) 
2016   Goldenboys - Hertkore Group Exposition Hasselt (BE)
2015   Alley Gallery - Group Exposition Hasselt (BE) 
2015   Go Gallery -  Group Exposition - Amsterdam (NL) 
2014   Dampkring Gallery - Group Exposition - Amsterdam (NL)
2013   Opere di misericordia Group Exposition - Heusden-Zolder (B) 
2013   Alley Art Gallery - Hertkore Group Exposition - Hasselt (B) 
2013   BMW Welt Museum - Group Exposition - Munich (D) 2013   
2013 Stroke Urban Art Fair - Group Exposition - Munich (D) 
2013   European Commission - Solo Exposition - Brussels (B)
2012   Alley Art Gallery - Group Exposition - Hasselt (B)
2012   Novotel - Solo Exposition- Leuven (B) 
2012   Hidden Beauty - Group Exposition - Eindhoven (NL) 
2012   Life is organic - Solo Exposition - Bree (B)
2010   Vormingsplus Centrum - Solo Exposition - Hasselt (B) 
2008   400 ML - Group Exposition - Paris (FR)
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